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The life of every human is a journey towards oneself, an attempt at a path, a hint of a trail. No one has ever been completely himself; yet each strives to become so, one dimly, one brightly, each as he can. Each one, to the end of his days, carries with him vestiges of his birth - slime and eggshells of the primeval world. Each one strives, an experiment and a throw from the depths, towards his own goals.
Hermann Hesse, Demian

Have you ever had the painful realisation that this life, as you are living it from day to day, is merely a dim reflection of the glowing fire that is hidden within you? Have you ever felt that you cannot continue to live a life determined by circumstances and the will of others? Do you not feel the Will to be and live your Self?

At Will to Self, we are aiming to inspire, as we embark ourselves, on this most challenging yet rewarding adventure. Nietzsche, Jung, Hesse and many others have tried to cast this magical process into words, and they may guide us along parts of our journey. But the direction, we must find within.